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Is Arguing Natural In Every Relationship?

No matter how long or how short of a duration of time you’ve been in your current relationship, you’ve probably had at least one argument. Arguments are not always easy for most people to deal with. In many cases, arguments reflect angry feelings and negative attitudes on behalf of both parties. With that, at some point, the question of just how natural arguing is arises. Relationships are never perfect – and that is normal. However, there are also certain circumstances that everyone in a relationship should be aware of. Below are a few ways for you to determine whether or not your arguing is normal. If your arguments fall into any of the following categories, then maybe the relationship isn’t for you.

Very Frequent

The first marker that your arguments aren’t healthy and are not natural is if the arguments are highly frequent. Most individuals in a relationship will argue about once or twice a week. However, if your arguments are taking place on a daily basis and even multiple times a day, then you can be sure there is an issue. Frequently arguments points to an underlying issue that needs to be resolved immediately. Failure to figure out and resolve the underlying issue can lead to an ongoing arguments and even dissolution of the relationship.

High Levels of Anger


Another sign that your arguing is not natural is if the arguments have a high level of anger. In most cases, arguments should be mild and not too heated. However, if one member of the partnership becomes too angry and even violent, then you can easily reason that this is not normal. Neither of you should become angry to the point of violence or an inability to control your feelings. If this does happen, then seeking the right help and therapy services may be the best solution. Moreover, it could also be best to just breakup.

Petty Fights

Finally, while there are reasons for every argument, you should not be fighting about petty issues on a constant basis. Arguments should be conducted when there really is something pressing and important to argue about. If one member of the relationship is always “looking” to argue, then this is not a healthy or good situation to be in. By looking for these signs, you can easily figure out whether your arguing is natural or if it is something that is pointing to deeper issues.

Dating An Older Man: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

A lot of times we come across girls and women who prefer guys much older than them. No doubt, young women find it easier to manage their relationship with older men, who are more mature and can take care of themselves. So, is it okay to date an older man? Well, there are certainly some major benefits of dating an older man. Men who are in their 20s or 30s usually prefer casual relationships, with the motto to have some fun. Younger men are more like career oriented, not properly settled, and have restless mind. On the other hand, men in their 40s are usually financially stable, emotionally well-balanced, and know how to handle relationships. For a woman, the benefits offered in the latter option are more lucrative for sure. But, there are many things that need to be considered. Let’s explore them out.

Different Prospects of Dating Older Men

Like we mentioned above, there are some great advantages of dating a guy much older than you. However, everything in this world has a positive and negative side as well. Hence, apart from the good things, there are some bad and ugly sides as well. First of all, let us check out the good stuffs.

More Experienced- Older men tend to be more knowledgeable and experienced than the younger counterparts. When it comes to relationships, he knows how to deal with them accordingly. So, his level of maturity in dealing with things can surely help you.


Financially Secure- He has already been through the struggling phase of money making. He knows how to handle his finances. So, with older men, you do not have to think about their financial stability.

Emotionally Stable- The composure and confidence of older men are the main elements that attract younger women. Older men do not lose control over their emotions quite often. Therefore, whenever you feel upset about something, or want a piece of advice, he will be there to help you out.

More Romantic- Yes, men in their 30s and 40s tend to be more passionate about their love relationship. They do not hesitate to go an extra mile to make their partner happy. Plus, they are super confident about their approach, which makes them sexier.

The Bad and the Ugly Part

Now, let us talk about the negative aspects of dating an older man. When you date an older man, a lot of people view it as socially wrong or an incompatible relationship. So, if your parents and friends are not broadminded, you may have a hard time explaining them the things. Older men tend to make their own ways. Some men are stubborn with their nature, and if you too have the same kind of nature, the relationship won’t last longer. In case you are a party animal, finding an older man who shares the same liking can be bit difficult for you. However, it does not means that all old men are serious ones. Hence, you need to check out the compatibility when dating older men.

What Guys Think When You Ask Them Out

When it comes to dating, it is usually considered or expected that the guy should ask the girl on a date, and not the opposite. It is always expected that guys are more extrovert and less shy when asking a girl for a date. However, things are changing now. In the present modern world, it has turned out to be usual for girls to play the major role now. Asking guys out is not seen as a surprising element of dating. Nevertheless, the world is still going through the phase of transformation. There are plenty of girls and guys out there who still doubt over the concept of girls asking a guy for a date. In case you too want to know the answer of the question- what the guys think when girls ask them out; then check out this piece of writing.

Is it right to ask a guy?

Like we mentioned above, the society considers guys as the ones who chase, whereas girls are the ones who are being chased. So, turning the game plan might not be easy always. Nevertheless, the entire thing depends mainly on two factors. The first factor is related to the nature of the guy. Guys who are extrovert and like chasing girls may not take your move in the right way. If you ask such a guy for a date then it is quite possible that he may think you as a desperate girl. Sometimes, your move can pump up the ego level of the guy. He may think that his looks and personality really bowled you over, which may make him think about himself as a girl magnet.

In case the guy is not mature enough, he may consider you just as an object of sex. As a result, his viewpoint may end you up in a bad relationship. For this reason, when you decide to ask a guy out, make sure he is mature enough to understand that it is not a sign of “sex invitation”. He should not misunderstand your extrovert nature with something else.

On the other hand, there are guys who are really shy in nature. In their case, you can definitely feel confident about your move. A lot of good guys who are introvert by nature hesitate to ask a girl out for a date. Such guys don’t find the courage within themselves to talk to the girl they would like to date. In case you stumble upon such a guy and you too want to date him, better make a move from your end. This may make him feel nervous for a while, but as you two spend some time together, it may really turn into a good date. So, asking guys out is definitely not a bad idea in today’s times. All you have to do is quickly analyze the behavior of the guy, make a judgment, and take your decision accordingly. In short, you have to use your hunches as well.

Is Keeping Some Mystery In A Relationship A Good Idea?

The mysterious self can create an enigma and an aura of excitement going on in a relationship. A relationship can be dull and boring in case all facets of the date are known to the person. It is always a wish of a person to know his/her partner completely. Though, the physical attraction is always a factor driving a relationship, some emotional secrets are always worth hiding or partly disclosed to maintain a mystery and a surprise element to be unveiled gradually over a lifetime.

Surprises enrich love life

The surprise gifts, outings can be a great idea to explore the newer sides of the partner away from the normal routine. Every month there should be a nice romantic outing to rejuvenate and bring back the old time fond memories of love. Let the date be a totally rich one by acting as if the two are meeting for first date and are absolutely unaware of the characteristics of each other. The candle light dinners can be a good idea where the couples must make a point to dress in the best manner possible and complimenting each other for looking gorgeous. Do not waste time in discussing issues related to the home and spoil the romantic ambience, instead explore new topics for discussion.

In case the partner tries to dig information related to past, better to let go the discussion into a mysterious zone in a positive manner by not divulging details of any previous relation by telling that you have forgotten it.

Also, the best idea is to make the bedroom dates a delightful one by wearing a new lingerie or using newer tricks creating a mystery in relationships good enough to seduce the other half. Thus, the spark of the sex life also remains healthy and vivacious. Keep a lot of unexpected kisses and hugs in store and try to spend most of the time in each other’s company.


Showcasing Confidence generates mystery

It is not necessary to blabber and glib all the time to generate interest in the counterpart. In fact the charm is lost when there is too much gibbering and no mysteries left for unfolding. However, a confident look and soft spoken people are much better looked upon with awe are major targets of attraction for the opposite gender. The confidence also oozes out by creating a mystery in relationships in terms of look by dressing and grooming to the best in privacy and then revealing it only after a considerable time to give the wonder and awe much allured by the partner.

Small romantic gestures are always a welcome and create a new love every day. Giving his favourite food in the tiffin box of office with a love note attached can be truly romantic. Starting a couple dance courses in the holidays can be a way to make life interesting and also unfold news ways of romanticism. Also, however don’t be in the company of the special someone for too long, there is a need to give the necessary personal space by taking time for special mysterious interactions intermittently.

Why Are Some People Serial Daters?

Have you ever been with or know a serial dater? If not then you probably don’t have any idea what this term means. Serial daters are people who prefer not to stay in a serious relationship and date casually with every person they are attracted to. If you are trying to understand more about them or worse, trying to spot one then you should first understand the reason why anyone would choose serial dating. There can be several reasons why a person chooses to be a serial dater than to get involved in any serious relationship. These reasons might involve:

  • Because they are a playboy/playgirl: Playboys/playgirls are people who love dating and don’t want to settle down with anyone. Such people are not ready for commitment and they just don’t want the relationship drama.
  • Because they are looking for something casual: Mostly people who are looking for a casual relationship end up being serial daters because they choose dating for fun and nothing serious as they are too busy dealing with the other aspects of life.
  • Because they are interested in money: There are many escorts and people who date because they want money for it. Mostly such people are not interested in anything else and will be ready to do anything for money.


Spotting a serial dater:

It becomes very difficult to find out whether the person you are dating or planning to date is actually a serial dater or not. Although the process is difficult but once you know about it, you will be easily able to distinguish between the genuine daters and the serial daters. If you have spotted an attractive profile on some online dating website then try to read the complete details. Also analyze their activity log, their friends and their likes/dislikes.

Here are some signs that will help you to determine whether he/she is involved in serial dating or not:

  • Always a bachelor: If the guy/girl you are dating or planning to date has always been a bachelor and not ever been in a serious relationship the most probably you are watching a serial dater.
  • Self obsessed: A serial dater is always self obsessed and would ignore talking about any other person.
  • Empty promises: This is one of the biggest signs of a person who is a serial dater. Serial daters always tend to make big promises but they fail to keep any of them.
  • Always busy with work: If the person you are dating starts making excuses for not meeting you just after a few dates then beware that he is a serial dater. One of the most popular excuses that they tend to make is work related so if you hear any of such excuses, make sure that you understand who you are dealing with!

Dealing with a serial dater is not an easy task. The most difficult task is to determine whether you are dealing with one or not. Once you have determined that you are dealing with one, try to run in the opposite direction as soon as possible so that you don’t get trapped in serial dating!